STI 2011 MAGAZINE (Pinned)

STI 2011 MAGAZINE (Pinned)
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9mm 140mm, 9mm 126mm,40S&W 126mm and 40S&W 140mm
Resupply June 2021
The STI 2011 magazine is manufactured out of 410 stainless steel, producing a magazine with longer life, greater strength, and better corrosion resistance. STI 2011 magazines are built specifically for all STI 2011 style pistols and frames. Note that these magazines are modified for the Canadian market not to exceed the 10 round legal capacity limit.
Note: These magazines are supplied with 2011 Plastic Base Pads; not the Staccto Aluminum Pads.
You can find the Staccato 2011  Mags here: