Parts - Bul Armory

SKELETON lightweight hammer fully machined STAINLESS STEEL   Works in 2011 and 1911s - any...

Mainspring 15LB  for any brand of Government 1911s. / 2011s

Various Recoil Spring Weights from Bul armory for any 1911 5" gun.

Out of Stock Resupply May 2020 5” Bushing barrel ramped   9mm   Bul Armory...

Oversized magazine catch button Finish is black, not silver.

5” Cone barrel ramped 45ACP   Bul Armory Barrels use the Nowlin/ STI/ Wilson Cut.

Star Torx Grip Screws Gold Titanium Coating  Qty of 4.

Barrel Bushing fully machined   STAINLESS STEEL