BFR Revolver 7.5" or 10" barrel

The BFR Factoids


  • 100% made in the USA.
  • Handmade by gun people for gun people. Each BFR is meticulously inspected and hand polished, hand fit and hand assembled.
  • Nominated for handgun of the year 2002.
  • Chambered for cartridges that provide heart-stopping power for the serious handgun hunter.
  • Interchangeable cylinders in calibers that utilize the same bullet diameters. The .450 Marlin and .45/70 are fully interchangeable, cylinders to be fitted by MRI gunsmiths.
  • Free wheeling cylinder allows the shooter the ability spin the cylinder either clockwise or counter clockwise to load or unload the revolver.


  • Barrel cylinder alignment is held to under .002 concentricity.
  • All barrels are precision cut rifled.
  • Barrel cylinder gap is held to less than .005.
  • All barrels are hand lapped.
  • All barrels are precision recessed crowned.
  • Cylinder tolerances are so tight that best accuracy is available with all chambers.
  • Tolerances between the cylinder throat and internal barrel dimensions are matched to each caliber.
  • Many of the BFR's calibers will shoot groups of well under 2" at 50 yards with mechanical sights.
  • All calibers feature twist rates specifically matched to the ammunition available and barrel lengths offered.


  • The BFR utilizes state of the art tough stainless alloys through out. We use five different types of stainless steel in each revolver so that we can produce the strongest, most weather resistant handgun available. Some of these alloys are extremely hard to machine but the end result is worth it. Each part is made from the best stainless alloy that will give it the strength and hardness necessary to hold up for the powerful loads it is chambered for.
  • The BFR is hand finished to a beautiful soft-brushed finish, which is more weather resistant and practical than vapor honed or satin finished guns. This soft-brushed finish is also very easily restored by the gun-owner.
  • Fully adjustable rear sights and a full complement of different front sight heights allow guaranteed point of impact for all individual shooting styles.
  • All grip frame screws are specially hardened and plated hex head screws that WILL hold up under continuous repeated firing of heavy loads.
  • Frames, grip frames and cylinders are machined in precision CNC equipment with a proprietary process developed specifically for the BFR. This process insures the dimensional integrity of ALL of our parts. The frame alone has over 70 features that are measured after machining to insure quality.
  • All guns are proof fired after assembly to insure integrity of the entire revolver and its total function.
Please Note: Price listed is manufacturers suggested retail price, dealers price may vary.
Bore Diameter (inches): .450
Groove Diameter (inches): 0.458
Twist Rate (inches): 1 in 14
Overall Length (inches): 15
Approximate Weight: 4.3 Lbs.
Height (inches): 6
Width (inches): 1.75
Trigger Pull: 3-4 Lbs.
Number of Shots: 5
Sights: Factory Black Fixed Front/Rear Adjustable