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Light and strong, this extruded aluminum double sided mount keeps your C-More Slide Ride or ASR scope super low to the slide and far enough back to clear hybrid holes and compensator blast. The mount also features a built in stainless blast shield, eliminating the need to attach an external one to the scope.

The rigid design will not flex or displace, causing no loss of zero.

10-32 scope fastening sockets feature pressed in stainless inserts for maximum strength. The mount also features two additional 6-40 threaded holes for extra fastening on plastic scopes. (Drilling out holes on scope is required).

Finished in hard coat black anodizing. Mounting kit includes direct fit 6-40 mounting screws and shorter 10-32 socket screws for mounting the scope. Spacers are provided for either the standard width 2011/Infinity dust covers, or for the STI Edge/Infinity IED wider dustcover. Direct fit on Infinity pistols. STI/SPS/Phoenix frames will require 2 right side 6-40 threaded holes added in the standard C-more spacing. (.750" on center) Round top slides may require a flat top to clear the mount.


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