BUL Radical 5.4

BUL Radical 5.4
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Resupply Q4 2021

Introducing the newest addition to our IPSC Standard division ready pistols the RADICAL 5.4. We pushed the boundaries as much as possible, and managed to fit a 5.4” barrel into the STANDARD division box without modifying the grip, loaded with all you need to get that extra edge of performance. 


Calibers:  9mm / .40 S&W / 9X21 / 9X23

Barrel: RADICAL Match grade 5.4” inch ramped bull barrel

Frame: full dust cover / Picatinny accessory rail

Finish: stainless steel 

Magazines: 3, 120 mm w/ aluminum base plate / brass

Trigger: 2.5-2.8 lbs

Safety:ambidextrous extended and shielded levers

Magazine release: enlarged and adjustable button

Sights: adjustable rear & fiber optic front

Magwell: enlarged

Weight: as shown (unloaded): 1170 g /2.57 lbs approx

Full length guide rod

Unique features

Reduced size grip safety, grip body and magwell.

New design CNC flat hammer.

Barrel mounted front sight for extended sight radius.

Extra heavy brass magwell. 

Shortened beavertail, magwell and polymer grip